About Us

Who We Are

Octo Logistics began as a delivery company specializing in oversized items, filling a gap in the market for cumbersome deliveries. Since opening our doors, we have evolved and expanded into much more. Today, Octo proudly offers full-service fulfillment services and collecting and delivery services.


Our Turn-Key logistics solutions are ideal for small businesses or startups looking to buy and sell large items online without the heavy lifting. Whether it’s second-hand goods or brand-new items, we collect and hold your merchandise until it’s sold, then deliver it across the UK.

At Octo, we have complete CCTV coverage in our fleet with live monitoring. We can check in on our vans and drivers. Our drivers also wear body cameras. Cameras not only track deliveries but help us monitor to minimize damage.

For our clients’ added peace of mind, we have complete CCTV coverage throughout our depot and vans, and with live monitoring within the cab and back of the vans, we can check in on our vans and drivers as needed. All of our drivers also wear body cameras, providing you with complete trust in our service from start to finish. Our cameras are not only there to track, but also to watch all items in order to minimise any damage.

What Can You Expect?

Here’s why more customers throughout the UK choose Octo.

Expertise – We have extensive experience in the logistics industry. All packages are delivered on time and with care.

Save Time – Thanks to our turn-key logistics, you can focus on selling your merchandise and communicating with your buyers.

Custom Solutions – We offer customized delivery solutions to meet your unique needs.

Tracking – We use advanced technology to track packages in real-time and provide up-to-date information.